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Swords and Spells DKP Rules

The Swords and Spells DKP System is a tiered system where you will be allocated DKP for the level of raiding that you are involved in. The tiers, rules and rewards are all descibed below.

DKP Tiers DKP Awards Looting Rules
Tier 4
Karazhan, Gruul's Lair
Magtheridon's Lair

10 Man Raids award 10 for starting
10 for completing and 5 for every boss killed.

25 Man Raids award 20 for starting
20 for completing and 10 for every boss killed.
All raids will use Master Looter.
Tier 5
Tempest Keep
SSC, Zul'Aman
All Epics looted will cost minimum 10 dkp even for an offset and even if nobody else needs an item.
Tier 6
Black Temple
Mount Hijal
Never loot before the raid leader & dead raiders are ressed.  To do so will net 0 dkp for the whole raid. Repeatedly may result in /gkick.
Sunwell Plateau
Existing DKP auction/biddiExisting DKP auction/bidding system stays in place, only bid using DKP from current tier. i.e. Tier 4 DKP in a Tier 4 Instance etc.
Swords and Spells DKP Points